Two new political developments increase the odds of the 49ers staying in San Francisco:

1. New Mayor, Ed Lee, is an enthusiastic 49er fan and
self proclaimed “west coast offense guy” that wants to keep the
team in the city.
2. Jerry Brown’s new budget may cut all funding to
redevelopment agencies. A reduction in private-public
partnerships and elimination of enterprise zones will add another
layer to the Santa Clara stadium financing debacle by eliminating
up to $75 million in financing. This could force the team to
further delay construction and keep them at Candlestick
longer. It also gives the new mayor an opportunity to
negotiate with the 49ers and allow them to work out a deal that
lets the 49ers remodel the stadium to fit its needs. Of
course, the city will have to forgo the dreams of an integrated
Hunters Point development because of Mr. Brown’s budget cuts and
focus purely on stadium and access infrastructure
improvements. But we believe this is a good result as the
development of Hunters Point was the main obstacle in previous
discussions with the York family and now that the distraction has
been removed, the two parties are more likely to reach a mutual
agreement. We believe an agreement is especially likely after
considering the 200-300m required to update Candlestick pales in
comparison to the 900m + required to start construction on the
Santa Clara stadium and most importantly, the 49ers have more value
to an investor if they play in an iconic stadium sitting on the
shores of SF Bay that carries the soul of the franchise’s greatest
years. Here is an older article stressing the financing
difficulties facing the 49ers:

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