The SmartMeter Fight

According to the Mercury News, the SmartMeter fight continues to rage on in the Bay Area.  While residents and consumers sight possible health risks from exposure to radiation and other risk related to wireless devices, the simple fact is this:  SmartMeters are mandatory.  They allow for almost real-time information on energy use and efficiency. Simply stated, they are an ideal tool to manage and reduce your energy use by monitoring the energy you use.  When paired with an in-home energy system or dashboard, they can be a very effective way to reduce energy loads on a regular basis.

In regards to the utilities, it can prove extremely costly in the long run for these providers to maintain two different types of systems – the traditional meter and the SmartMeter.  While we should be reducing and conserving – both energy and costs – the continuing legal battles over something which is probably less dangerous than the microwave most Americans already use is borderline absurd.

The opportunity to empower customers with basic knowledge of energy use in an efficient and timely matter is invaluable to the movement toward a sustainable, efficient, and intelligent community.

more info:

Opponents vow to continue fight against PG&E’s SmartMeters – San Jose Mercury News.

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2 Responses to The SmartMeter Fight

  1. sfdisturbed says:

    do the smart meters track water consumption?

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