i am overly intrigued by a website called centsports. it’s a free micro betting site that gives you ten cents to start betting on various sports all around the world. each bet’s payout can be increased by viewing ads in a mildly entertaining manner. this basic functionality is then integrated into a rudimentary social network with extra components that allow you to earn money through the winnings of those you recruit to the site.

anyways, you can check out the site here.

And no this is not a trick to get more cronies. But there are some pretty foolish people on the site, this is evidenced by the bright young author of a blog called “Income Alternatives.” Here is his sound advice to build a pile of discretionary income:

“After several nice long winning streaks I’ve finally broke $50 on CentSports. My plan is to keep accumulating my winnings until I reach $100 and then cash out $20. I’ll repeat this every time I reach a balance of $100.

Now [all] I need to win my way to $100. If you would like to try your luck, click the link and become my crony. Thanks!”

Brilliant idea…George Soros beware.

source: Income Alternatives

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