BART Mulls Seating Options

BART is in the ongoing process of deciding what seats to use when it updates its fleet of trains. While this may seem like a somewhat trivial topic, it actually can be quite polarizing, as San Franciscan and non-San Franciscan riders have very different priorities when it comes to selecting an appropriate place to rest their legs.

San Franciscans, whose typical BART commute is rather short, put an emphasis on more seats that are easier to clean. Whereas, riders from the Peninsula and East Bay, who typically have much longer commutes, prefer larger (and thus fewer), more comfortable seats. These two viewpoints seem irreconcilable, no?

I can see both points of the argument. Yes, the already low number of seats on BART cars are hard to keep clean, and therefore, lead most BART riders to reluctantly play the “What’s that stain?” game (When it’s blood, nobody wins) before opting whether to sit or stand. But on the other side of the argument, the fact that BART has some of the largest seats out of any municipal transport agency in the world is definitely appreciated when you are sitting next to a homeless man brushing his teeth with a screwdriver.

This debate will most likely rage on for the next few years, and probably cost BART millions of dollars. Here is a link if you want to learn more about the extensive research that is being conducted on the matter:

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