Will Japan pay for HSR?

Editors Note: I know this blog post is a little old, but i came across it the other day and need to share it.

The California HSR Blog cites an interesting quote from the Japanese Ambassador to the United States, where he states that he believes Japan would be willing to pay for up to half the cost for California’s High Speed Rail Project. As we move forward with California’s project and other projects across the country, should we consider this type of arrangement? Warren Buffett is already on record with his support of HSR throughout the country as a means of spurring commerce, trade, and transportation. Many Asian and European countries already benefit from a more mobile and dynamic trade infrastructure which HSR can provide.

So, what to make of this proposal? Over the past few months, we have seen three Governors return HSR funds earmarked for their respective projects due to potential cost overruns and debt associated with such an ambitious project. States like our own have benefited greatly by picking up these funds for our own project.

It seems like some foreign investment from a nation who already has a successful HSR system, who is one of the largest producers of HSR rail cars, would be a great partner for our effort.

California High Speed Rail Blog » “We’ll put up half the money for California HSR” says Japan’s Ambassador to the United States.

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