Why Republicans want to repeal the California Clean Air Act

Republicans in the House are rapidly trying to end our State’s strict standards on greenhouse gas regulations. HR910 would prevent the EPA to grant California and other states exemptions to the federal fuel-efficiency requirements.

While the whole situation seems ridiculous, the worst of all is the excuses they seem to be putting forth. As oil prices rise due to instability in oil producing regions, so are the gas prices. Republicans view California’s more stringent laws on gasoline as an extra “tax” on the people. Their solution to lowering gas prices would be to repeal the laws which govern cleaner and more efficient sources of fuel.

Given everything which is unfolding across the world, we should be looking at ways to become more energy independent rather than subsidizing the cost of a commodity whose ability to be produced seems to grow more unstable by the day. Price at the pump will decrease demand, and Republicans, of all people, should have a decent understanding of basic economics.

House GOP targets state’s tough emission standards

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